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From: Miriam English (
Date: Sun Jul 08 2001 - 08:43:56 MDT

At 10:32 AM 08/07/2001 +1000, Russell wrote:
>Spike Jones said
>>...How many of those who would have programmed anyway would have gotten as
>>good at it as we are had not it advanced our careers?...
>This sounds like a very pessimistic view to me. I certainly have not been
>motivated by a fear of poverty in developing my various skills and areas
>of expertise as far as I can take them. I am motivated by developing
>myself for its own sake. I want to test my limits, to go beyond those
>walls that I regularly hit, and even to get sufficient abilities to solve
>the difficult problems that interest me.

And a big YES from me to that!! Go Russell!

I recently opted for poverty in order to extend myself. I quit my job to
try and get on with a peculiar passion of mine. I am trying to create a
story inside a virtual world. I don't think anyone would pay me to do that,
and even if they would I wouldn't be happy about accepting money for it
because I am still not 100% sure current technology is quite up to it yet.
So I am happy to live on next to nothing, pursue my dream, and owe nobody.

I have noticed that I either earn money OR have the time to do the things I
want -- never both. So I have decided for the latter and carry on the fine
tradition of the starving artist. :-)


         - Miriam

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