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Date: Sun Jul 08 2001 - 09:06:28 MDT

At 02:01 PM 08/07/2001 +1000, Damien wrote:

>This neatly answers the woman journalist on this week's ep of AFTERSHOCK
>who told Emlyn and the other males that VR and uploading was the pitiful
>flesh-denying dream of those awful meat-body-hating nerd boyzzz.

Yeah, I really winced when she said that. :-)

>As Barbara Lamar instantly commented while watching the show, women have
>not been noticeably averse to watching movies or using the telephone.
>Indeed, and
>it's hard to see why women should reject an immersive extension of such
>mediated experiences, one that enhances and enriches both the sensory
>bandwidth and the imaginative possibilities.

If VR fulfills its promise for communication then I think women will use it
similar to how the telephone is used. If anybody else here visits
multi-user virtual worlds they will have noticed the high proportion (about
50:50) of women there already.

>Um, that last sentence sounds rather stuffy and abstract--guess I'm just
>one of those damned boyzzz after all... :)

Not a bit of it. :-D
I have had a high regard for your writing for a very long time.
You are anything but stuffy!

>Anyway, welcome to the list, Miriam!

Many thanks :-)

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