Re: Resentment

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Jul 08 2001 - 09:33:51 MDT

Lee Corbin wrote:

> I don't know about Spike, but poverty was
> definitely my motivator. With just a small guaranteed annual
> income,

I would only have needed enough to pay my rent,
which was 50 dollars a month in 1983, and another
200 would feed me. I dont eat much. But there was
no 250 a month back then.

> I would have never abandoned playing chess, reading SF,
> and carousing around with my friends discussing philosophy and
> mathematics---

Leeeeee! You play? Cool, we should do some email
chess. Cool, where were you at E5? Have an rating?
I meant in chess, not in carousing. {8^D

> So I would suggest that *at the present time* a substantial
> guaranteed income would have both serious economic consequences
> and also deleterious psychological and educational consequences
> for many people. Lee

Heres how we work this: set up a pool that anyone can
contribute whatever amount they want. Then at the end of
the month we distribute it evenly among all who want a share
of this guaranteed income. Note the guarantee only applies
to the share, not the actual amount. How much do you
suppose that amount would be? spike

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