re: Trygve Bauge, a man with a mission!

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Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 13:22:01 MDT

From: "john grigg" <>
>poor Trygve

"Poor Trygve" ??

John, Trygve Bauge can manage quite well on his own in the
attention-getting department. I'm not sure he is the best person for
a spokesman for the cryonics community, but maybe he has changed
from when I met him, 16 years ago.

The first time I encountered Trygve, was in 1985, when he attended
our small (<10 people) objectivist philosophy discussions in
Boulder, Colorado, then threatened to call the local police on us
because some of our Nathaniel Branden and Ayn Rand cassette tapes
were copies.

The next time I heard about Trygve was 10 years later when he was
featured in a front page San Jose Mercury News Living section
article about the 'freezing' of his dead relative (grandfather, I
think), who, according to the article, was stored in a shed on his
Nederland, Colorado property.

He's someone unforgettable, to be sure. It sounds like he has managed
to channel his energy in more constructive ways. And I hope that his
relative is stored in a safer place.


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