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Date: Thu Jul 05 2001 - 11:43:14 MDT

Reason, I take it that the first set of guidelines are
things you are already doing along the same lines, so
I won't relist those, but I would like to address how
we can all help:

1) donate content:

By donating content, you mean content from people like
Pearson and Shaw (is this what you mean by
accredited), or lay people like me who use the
life-extension "supplements," or both?

The reason I ask is I have just been assigned an
editorial position for a "supplement" company in the
UK (so much for just being a violin teacher), and this
is read by several people in the medical industry
there, and probably by some life extension researchers
as well. I may have access to content on all sides of
the issue--research, 'scripts, government, laws,

2) find me a friendly, helpful life-extensionist
California lawyer

May take some doing, but my man used to be a corporate
lawyer in Calif. and I will see if I can get some
names. He thinks old people are a burden on society,
though, and is somewhat anti-life extension. Anyone
who could provide me with links/info to combat that
attitude, please do--he is incredibly intelligent and
will understand.

Is there a chace you or someone else could do the
legal research instead of using non-profit advice?
Access to a law library is about all that would be
necessary. I realize ancient English is difficult at
best to understand, but not impossible.

Aren't there others on this list with good legal

3) assist on the technical side -- site building, etc.

There are many people who would love to do this, I
bet. A lot of them are out of jobs with the failure of
tech industry stocks, dot-coms and such (a lot are my
friends) and are freelancing and moonlighting at very
low rates. California is probably full of them.

Nontraditional students (who are sometimes into their
30s and comparing themselves to the smooth-faced high
school set they attend class with) could be a
wonderfully sympathetic source of this--local
colleges, even tech colleges, art schools (web
designers), etc.

4) participate in the community!

So many facets of this. Subgroups of a parent group
for the sake of organization and expediency?

As you mentioned the word "grassroots," I guess this
is where the grass gets planted. Choosing
representatives is important here. Community
involvement--I can see it now. I, a 44 year old music
teacher, reach out into a community of people who are
my age, look it and act it (I do not). I would be a
good advertisement for life extension, because I am a
living example of the quality-of-life issue that some
will take exception to: I will have many more years of
productive life ahead of me, as opposed to sitting on
my can collecting Soc Security for thirty years longer
than I should. It is obvious by my looks, attitude and
prospects for the future. I can do anything I want and
I know it.

5) be cheerleaders; advocate, get your friends to
visit the site, tell
everyone you know.

Important point. Purchase email lists from others? I
know I get on people's email lists and get told I
signed up for this newsletter or that quote-of-the-day
when I did no such thing. I don't get irritated
because I have found some VERY good sources of
what-not out there because of it.

Email lists could be gotten from the companies that
supply antiaging supplements, etc.

As far as the list coordinating efforts, it sounds
like most of them are involved in many things, so I
don't know if it could be a fulltime job for anyone,
really. But if everyone could allocate two hours per
week that's a lot of manhours dedicated.

You said a list is a bad way to coordinate more than
one topic at a time, but isn't the singluar topic
support of antiaging research and putting the screws
to governments to let it happen? Sounds pretty

Yes, Reason, our lives would get extended, too, you
are right. And possibly more so than most others
because--and this is just opinion mentally supported
by word of mouth--philanthropists (which I see
transhumanists are the cream of) have the joy of
helping others instead of letting god sort it out. I
read years ago that it is like petting animals, the
more you do the more it extends your life and quality
of it.

So there. :) Ha! If these are things you are looking
for to start or promote what you are doing, please
consider me a capable ally and feel free to send me a
private email about it. This goes for anyone out


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