re: Trygve Bauge, a man with a mission!

From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Fri Jul 06 2001 - 03:12:59 MDT

On Thu, 5 Jul 2001, Amara Graps wrote:

> He's someone unforgettable, to be sure. It sounds like he has managed
> to channel his energy in more constructive ways. And I hope that his
> relative is stored in a safer place.

You're putting it in a remarkably positive way. I've heard other people
put far, far less positively. I've never met him, but he does like a 24 ct
nut and fruitcake, and not of the nice variety.

I wonder why KQB so steadfastly refuses to offer CryoNet a non-digest
mode, as it effectively prevents 99% of subscribers to filter email.

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