Re: Wingdahl's question: (Was) italian interest

From: Adrian Tymes (
Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 12:12:45 MDT

Waldemar Ingdahl wrote:
> And really, as a businessman I am busy. Maybe I should take care more of my
> store than with a quite technocratic movement that discusses bizarre
> computers?
> So please explain to me why I should keep on being a transhumanist

If you are looking for short term, "what do I do to change my life
*right now*" type of answers, you might not find them here.
Transhumanism will not be achieved overnight.

However, there are always points in your life where you can make
long-term decisions. For instance, you are a businessman taking care of
a store. What products do you sell? If you are interested in
promoting the vision discussed here, perhaps you could add some of the
types of products discussed here to your wares.

For instance: if you sell computer goods, perhaps you could add
Xybernaut's stuff to your lineup, to introduce more people to the
concept. Ask here for ideas on the uses of augmented reality, so you
can answer your customers when they ask why they would want to buy this
gear. (And, en route, make money for yourself: the relative scarcity of
people selling these goods may give you a near-monopoly, at least in the
short term, for local supply. Your market has been created by legions
of science fiction writers and others...but not that many have yet
thought to actually serve it.)

Mining for ideas is perhaps the best way you can take advantage of
transhumanism. Whether you are one yourself depends on your personal
point of view - but there is a difference between being part of a group,
and getting benefit out of using what the group supplies freely.

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