From: Zero Powers (
Date: Sat Jul 08 2000 - 12:24:28 MDT


>There's no question that exercise is one of the best things you can do to
>improve your life. The problem I have is TIME: The very sorts of things
>can cause stress in life tend to also be very time consuming. So I get
>bad feedback loops of increased work load --> less time to exercise -->

I have the exact same problem. However, I've made a decision to make my
health (ergo my exercize routine) a priority that (some) other things just
have to submit to. It's not always easy to do when you've got an important
brief that absolutely has to get filed this week, and a huge trial starting
next week. But think of it this way, in 30 years time will it be more
important that you crossed every "T" and dotted every "i" in that
"important" brief, or that you started on a sensible exercize regimen and
stuck to it? I find that taking the long view helps me to better prioritize
many things in my life. Hope this helps.


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