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> I've followed this thread a little bit and have noticed what most of
> the rest of us have noticed - that this is an issue that many of us
> have very strong feelings about.
> I share some of your concerns that guns are very good killers and that
> gun control advocates too often insist on punishment after the fact
> instead of prevention before the fact.
> However, consider the following (and correct me if I'm wrong):
> There are millions upon millions of guns in this country. Many are
> legally owned by peaceful citizens who have no intention of ever
> harming anyone. Many are also owned by criminals who gladly use them
> to commit horrible crimes such as rape, murder, etc. etc.
> Without some draconian governmental involvement which would curtail an
> incredible amount of liberty (door to door searches, roadblocks, etc),
> criminals will always have ready access to firearms in this country.
> Knowing this, what is your extropian solution to this problem? If
> citizens are to be denied access to firearms, please explain how they
> are to defend themselves from the criminals who still have weapons.
> How would gun control fit in with the Extropians principles of Open
> Society and Self-Direction?
> If I have misread your intentions, I apologize, but it seems as though
> you very much wish to restrict peaceful people's access to firearms.
> I'm very interested in your response.
As I have stated before, the most peaceful and safest society is one in which there is no restriction upon the law-abiding and responsible citizenry owning guns, yet strives to keep them out of the hands of those who would have a disproportionate propensity to misuse them (violent criminals, the mentally deficient and/or deranged, children, and spouse and or child abusers). To do this requires all gun sales to proceed through background checks to identify such individuals and prevent them from completing their attempted gun purchases, and the child-proofing of all weapons by means of key or combination trigger locks (or under reasonably secure lock and key, not just in a glass cabinet) which are held in homes in which children reside. With the passage of time, natural attrition (keeping the guns out of the hands of the new irresponsible as the old irresponsible die of old age, commit crimes and are incarcerated, or divest) would facilitate the evolution of a safer nation.
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