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> > To support my point I state this: The guy I was just referring to who
> > stated he would rather kill a police officer (who most likely has a wife
> > and family) or other law enforcement officers than have his gun taken
> > away SHOULD have his license revoked for saying that and have his
> > weapons taken away as he is talking like a potential killer and is
> > clearly a threat to the general public from my perspective.
> First they argue that they only want to take guns from criminals and
> dangerous psychotics, now you recommend removing rights for thought
> crimes and /potential/ criminals? Do you honestly believe that your
> broad knowledge of psychology and extensive interview with this man
> qualifies you to make the judgment that he is unfit to exercise the
> same rights you and I have? In my judgment, he merely said that he
> was willing to use those rights for precisely their intended purpose,
> i.e., to defend himself from those (such as the police) who invade
> his home with the intent to forcefully deprive him of his rights and
> the means to exercise them.
He announced his willingness, even his eagerness, to shoot people in order to protect his right to possess the very gun with which he would be shooting these people. I tend to believe people like that; I also tend to believe that they are paranoid, defensive, and overly agressive. All he has to do is mistake someone's intentions ONCE, and he'll shoot them dead; he also would seem to be exactly the sort of trigger-happy boomjunkie who would be likely to make such a mistake first, and ask his lawyer to take questions later. The other person's life would not enjoy the benefit of the doubt with him. You can have him as a neighbor; I don't want him around me.
>I'd have no problem at all with having
> this man as a neighbor or business associate; he speaks his mind and
> is willing to stand up for what's right. And I have nothing to fear
> from him because I have no desire to interfere with his choices. I
> wouldn't buy a used bike for $10 from Sarah Brady or her followers--
> they've shown that they clearly lack the personal integrity to be
> trusted with anything, least of all my life and liberty.
> Peace is not a goal that can be worked toward; justice is the goal,
> and peace is the natural consequence of justice.
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