Re: TEST ... dont read

Gina Miller (
Mon, 05 Apr 1999 11:29:55 PDT

I knew that there would be a crack waiting for me inside this email when I read it, as though you knew some of us might. But I did it anyways, passing the other messages. Curiosity is the spark of knowledge. Gina "nanogirl" Miller

>--- Max M <> wrote:
>> How come that even intelligent people like us on the list reads
>> when they are clearly labeled TEST dont read! :-)
>I have no clue why, but even when I have a backlog of over a hundred
>messages I always read the "Test, Don't Read" first. I have never
>received a payoff for this behavior. Maybe It's just that I don't like
>you telling me what to do. If you say "Don't Read", I read. Good
>spammers are not on to this.
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