Re: Turtles, turtles, turtles... (was Re: Creationists)

J. R. Molloy (
Mon, 22 Jun 1998 12:53:47 -0700

Jeff Fabijanic wrote,
>However, it is worth pointing out that
even in modern physics, we seem to
>have infinitely-regressing-turtle-like
situations, eg the apparently always
>receding "smallest things". First we
thought it was gross elements, then
>atoms, then subatomic particles
(mesons, leptons etc), and now even
>themselves appear to be composed of yet
smaller elements - the quarks. I
>for one, would not be suprised to hear
scientists speak of even more
>fundamental objects/concepts of
reality. It certainly seems sometimes as
>though the grain of the universe is
always just small enough for us to
>barely make out, but when our "eyes"
get better we see that the grain is
>finer still.

An essential and profound difference
between the creationist turtle
regression and the theoretical physics
model of the universe resides in that
physics does not present sub-atomic
particles as /creators/ of the macro

While creationists continue to create
ideas to buttress their belief system,
scientists proceed to discover more
empirical evidence with which to refine
prevailing theories.