RE: MEDIA: Article on cryonics in Boston Globe

Jones, Spike (
Thu, 04 Jun 1998 15:34:40 -0700

>Has anyone looked at the results poll? The majority wants to be
around in
>2200, yet only a minority would be cryonically frozen after death
>if financing it wasn't an issue. What other option is there to
live to
>the year 2200 *after you've died*??? Maybe the public just needs
to be
>better educated...

the public might not realize that the possibility of living in 2200
is an
option. they treat the question as hypothetical. we treat it as a
concrete. so we take the steps necessary to make that happen. the
others just dream.

>I remember Anders Sandberg classifying himself as a nerd. Why was

we nerds wear that term as a badge of honor... {8^D