Re: Counterfactual Quantum Thinkers

Roger Davies (
Sun, 10 May 1998 18:20:42 +0100

The clever fellow in question is Richard Josza, of the University of
Plymouth, UK
As I understand it, though, it's all very speculative stuff - gedanken
experiments, maybe.
I was at the IEE quantum computing conference at which Josza expained
the idea of the computer you don't have to actually switch on. He was
asked whether you would actually have to build the computer in the first
place - all the same arguments seem to apply if just the *possibility*
of building it is there........but didn't that suggest there was
something wrong with the reasoning somewhere along that line?

Josza happilly replied "Yes, it does."

But personally I love the idea. I hope he's right!

See for a link to a paper by Josza.

Roger Davies