Re: Face crap

=- deluxe -= (
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 01:02:14 -0700

I'm laughing outloud.

This is a funny, funny show.

My favorite shows are the ones where Art says, if your a warewolf call the ww
line at I think this is SO funny. The people who call in are
absolutly hysterically funny. Easily the best late night entertainment

-= deluxe =-

ps-sometimes he has serious stuff too.. and I've heard that over 15 million
people listen every night.. that's a LOT of people listening to AM.

Hal Finney wrote:

> As an amusing aside, there was a minor controversy over the weekend
> when a caller to the Art Bell radio program claimed to be a former JPL
> employee who was fired when he accidentally caught sight of pictures which
> proved that JPL was covering up the reality of a Martian civilization.
> However, the caller, "Kent", was tripped up by Hoagland, who had his
> phone call analyzed by David Oates, a so-called "reverse speech expert"
> ( Oates plays the audio backwards
> and attempts to pick out English words in the eerie-sounding noises.
> He claims that you can find out what people are really thinking as they
> subconsciously tell the truth in their reversals. Using this technique
> Oates and Hoagland decided that Kent was lying, and when he was confronted
> he admitted the fraud.
> Talk about the blind leading the blind.
> The third and last Cydonia image will be taken today and released
> on Friday. No matter what it shows, Hoagland and company will no doubt
> find more to feed their fantasies.
> Hal