Re: Contacting God

Anders Sandberg (
23 Apr 1998 19:30:16 +0200

James MacPherson <> writes:

> I would think that the first priority with ETs would be to a establish
> "friendly" relationship to ensure that the human race is not considered be
> expendable, enslavable, etc. This would mean sending sending the best
> diplomat available. A diplomat would be able to quickly and fully
> understand the motivation for the contact and the political situation the
> human race is about to step into. The potential to adapt politically to
> the situation would require a certain amount of moral and ethical
> "flexibility" that is the forte of diplomats not scientists.

Although in this case the diplomat would most likely need to be
cross-trained with anthropology or ethology in order to be able to
employ his or her skills - most diplomats are good only at being
diplomatic with humans.

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