Re: Why atheism beats agnosticism (Was: Re: Contacting God)

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 10:24:49 -0700 (PDT)

> I used to think myself an atheist--until I decided that even denying the
> existence of gods gives too much credit to theology. I now cheerfully admit
> ignorance about whether gods exist . . . though that does not prevent me from
> theorizing about what I might make possible.

I don't think "athiest" is that strong a positive claim of non-existence,
just a commitment to (1) that blind speculation is a waste of time and
energy, and most theories of God are blind speculation, and (2) most of
the theologically-defined properties attributed to God are inconsistent
with themselves (like "omnipotence") and therefore impossible. I do
not deny that there might possibly exist some entity that might satisfy
some more reasonable speculations about God, but that doesn't prevent me
from being a militant atheist. I use "atheist" as one who believes that
belief in God is wrong, not that disbelief is necessary.

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