Re: Plane crashes and other accidents

Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 20:09:36 -0400

CALYK wrote:

> ><< What is the consensus of underground orbital transports running in
> evacuated
> >tunnels? This would completely eliminate the takeoff and landing hazards as
> >we know be an order of magnitude faster than aircraft, not to
> >mention cleaner and quieter!
> >>
> hi how would this work? Underground orbital, does that mean its in orbit, but
> underground? it seems it would work better above ground, in big tubes,
> perhaps using a vacuum pressure system to suck and push the vehicles
> (extremely light-weight vehicles, the bulk of weight coming from the cargo).

Yes, above ground would be far less expensive, however, you are likely to endure
never ending environmental impact headaches with the people whose property you
buil don and beside.

People are getting very proprietary about even the VIEW that they have from their
property. In Vermont, for example, the just passed a law giving the local
communities the right to approve the construction of communications towers on
mountain tops (mostly for cellular phone use), something which the FCC is rather
ambivalent about, as they really love the power they have been given by congress
to have absolute power over permitting these towers.

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