Subject: Strategy games (was: Anti-Missle systems for tanks and other vehicles

From: john grigg (
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 14:36:46 MDT

Evmick wrote:
I've heard that the age of armor (tanks) is over with the invention of
shoulder launched anti tank rockets....but is that true?

Greg Burch replied:
Like the aircraft carrier, the death of the tank has been prophesied for
sometime. I do think the big lumbering giant M-1 is the last in that line; a
real dinosaur. I see the armored vehicle of 2025 as very light, very fast
and very smart. And maybe on legs instead of tracks.

Do any of your remember the Steve Jackson microgame series _Ogre_? The star
of the game was a late 21st century battletank(more like a battleship) the
size of a football field which had the firepower to take out multiple
targets on the land and in the air. It's armor supposedly made it capable
of taking multiple direct hits and still keep going. It was the high-tech
equivalent of a fire breathing dragon!

My favorite strategy when I played without an Ogre unit myself was to slow
my friend's ogre down with closeup attacks carried out by expendable units
like infantry and light armor. Than I would use the extremely damaging,
long-range heavy artillery units I had to chip away at and destroy his metal

Anyone else here play the microgames? Remember _Chitin_, Ice War_,
_Invasion of the Air Eaters_, and _Warp War_ to name a few? Interestingly,
Steve Jackson has an interest in cryonics and has posted on Cryonet a few
times. I can't wait to play his postsingularity games! :)

best wishes,

John Grigg
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