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Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 14:36:12 MDT wrote:
>With all due respect to Max (and he's due a *lot* of respect), I think that
>he bends too far backwards in crediting Brian or anyone else with exclusive
>rights to "ultrahuman." Max appears to have forgotten that years ago he and
>I made a game of combining, tinkertoy fashion, prefixes like "ultra-,"
>"alta-," "super," and "mega," with suffixes like "-human," "-man," "-ology,"
>and "-osphy." We did so in good fun, laughing at some of the ridiculous
>words that resulted; we did not credit ourselves with creative genius (at
>least not on *that* count!).
>No one can lay any just claim to the obvious and descriptive term
>"ultrahuman" unless and until they have, by dint of long and open use, turned
>it into a trade- or servicemark. I think that claims of ownership based on
>anything less merit either derision or condescending sympathy.

I find that the word "ultra-human" has been in use for centuries.

 From my Oxford English Dictionary, under the prefix "ultra-", definition 2:

        With adjs., signifying 'going beyond, surpassing, or
transcending the limits of' (the specified concept) as

Citations of examples include:
        1818 Coleridge in Lit. Rem. (1836) I.185 "All other super or
ultra-human beings."
        1856 R.A.Vaughan _Mystics_ (1860) I.99 "The intellectual
refinements of an ultra-human spiritualism."
        1883 Jefferies _Story of my Heart_. 63 "All things being
ultra-human and without design."

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