Re: Check out New Scientist: Stunning developments

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 22:36:15 MDT wrote:

> (more) regarding laser interdiction of would
> seem that :
> a: Regans notion is being vindicated by technological advance (fat chance
> that he gets any recognition for it in the media)

Reagan bought every weapon system imaginable I think. Obviously
some of them were losers, but if you buy all the lottery tickets, you
must win. In retrospect perhaps it was a reasonable strategy given
the times. War is wasteful. Far better a staggeringly expensive cold
war than an unimaginably more expensive hot one, eh?

> b. Tactics if not Strategy on the battlefield must change........again...

That works for me. For starters, get *all* the humans off the field.
Hazardous work, should be done exclusively by machines.

> C. I want one. (again....fat chance)

Me too, but that brings up a subject that makes me squirm: does
the second amendment give Americans the right to own lasers? spike

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