Re: Will Atlanta change Eliezer?

From: phil osborn (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 22:35:48 MDT

>From: "S.J. Van Sickle" <>
>Subject: Re: Will Atlanta change Eliezer?
>Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 20:00:17 -0500 (CDT)

>Good luck in Atlanta. I moved from Georgia to Milwaukee a few years ago
>and frankly found it a vast improvement, but then I was living in a fairly
>rural area (Rome)...

What strikes me as amazing is just how many times I've run into people or
associations with Rome, GA, where I mispent most of my youth. For a town of
about 30,000 (probably more now), Rome and people from there show up more
often in the news than perhaps any other town of that size. Have you
noticed this as well? Any theories?

Did anyone clue you into why Rome was famous? At one point they had the
highest ratio of cars to people in the entire world. However, the city
fathers didn't get around to mentioning why. Turns out that Rome was the
bootleg capital of the SouthEast during prohibition. When that petered out,
they had all these experts at sooping up cars and rebuilding them with fake
gas tanks, etc., all looking for something to do.... So they became the
car theft capital of the world.
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