Re: Check out New Scientist: Stunning developments

Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 22:11:03 MDT

(more) regarding laser interdiction of projectiles.

Some very many years ago I used to read novels by David Drake. They were
pretty weak but I identified with them.....Drake was a Viet Viet and he had
some pretty neat (in my opinion) ideas. (or anyway...his mood and mine
coincided...very dark)

He had "super tanks" and "power guns"...the power guns being very much like
what I would imagine hi-wattage laser beams would resemble. In those
stories the power guns would interdict incoming projecticles of all
sorts....mortars....rockets....maybe even bullets for all I can
remember.....anything "line of sight" was toast.. In theory wouldn't this be
possible? I would imagine it would depend upon the cyclic speed of the laser
and the refractoryness (is that a word?) of the target. would seem that :

a: Regans notion is being vindicated by technological advance (fat chance
that he gets any recognition for it in the media)

b. Tactics if not Strategy on the battlefield must change........again...

C. I want one. (again....fat chance)

SLC Utah.

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