Re: Delaney vs. Lorrey

From: Brian Manning Delaney (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 19:18:19 MDT

Carl Bonzer wrote:

> PS Brian has strongly encouraged me tostop this,


Yes, of course I'm glad to see words said in my favor, but the reason I
asked you and the others (who agreed!) not to reply here is in part
because it amounts to PRECISELY the thing that I have found so unethical
about many of the Extropians' reactions: they have been, for the most
part, merely tribal. On other lists this situation has played out very
differently. So what? The point isn't to engage in cheer-leading, but to
be willing either 1) to be silent and let people work it out themselves,
or 2) take the many hours required to read through the 250K (or
whatever) load of the history of this thread, slowly, carefully, before
making a comment. It's precisely the failure of several people here to
do just that that has been the most serious error.

(Also, being "warmed" by comments such as yours -- and warm me they of
course do -- is not a mode of interacting with the world ("isn't it
great to be 'us'") I want to reinforce in myself.)

While I obviously agree with much of what you've said, please stop -- I
say this to others as well, unless you take the time to read ALL the
posts involved, check with at least two (or maybe more) people before

But best yet -- a pause.


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