Re: Collaborative killfiling Re: META: Committee on Un-Extropian Activities

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 13:34:27 MDT

>>From: Brian Atkins <>
>>Well the mailing list seems to have been upgraded recently to mark messages
>>from non-members as such. Or perhaps when it says "Non-member submission"
>>it means a posting from someone not subscribed to the list. At any rate
>>here is a pretty simple proposal: put a little link at the end of each
>>message sent out to ExI members. They can click on it when they think a
>>thread has gone too far. If it gets enough votes the mailing list software
>>killfiles any more messages with that subject line for 10 days or something.
>>And it sends a message to the list saying so. Collaborative killfiling in
>>other words. Could be expanded later on to ban posters, provide ratings
>>in subject lines regarding postings and/or authors, etc. etc. I think for
>>a perl hacker with access to the ExI server the first stage of this could
>>be hacked together and tested in a weekend or less.
>>Are those Javien guys working on something like this?

Great idea, except I would prefer not to killfile the posts.
Instead, let them automatically be deferred to a secondary list with
that subject line. A single follow-up could be automatically posted
to the main list that such-and-such topic has been moved to a
secondary list. It could contain a link to subscribe so that people
could just click the link to continue the discussion. This would not
squash the discussion, but would move it out of the main list.

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