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Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 13:31:56 MDT wrote:
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> > And check out

> I'd especially be interested in comments from our engineers - is
> this as good as we can do RIGHT NOW to get electricity, medicine and the net
> (which means education and working around the tin-pot dictators and local
> thugs who run most of the poorer part of the world) into villages in the
> Third World? It sure looks like it to me. If this isn't extropian, I don't
> know what is!

As an engineer (of sorts): this looks like it would probably be
feasable. It would best be done in areas where the powers that be are
not actively oppressing the civilians (for instance, in most of the
pockets of ex-USSR and North America they mentioned); as has been
mentioned, any regime who is more interested in its own welfare than in
the welfare of its citizens might just destroy Greenstar installations
in order to to keep control, or (more likely) appropriate them for their
expanded benefit at the expense of the people they were meant to serve.

> Here's a suggestion: If the Greenstar system checks out to be as good as it
> looks, maybe we could make it sort of an "official extropian charity". I'd
> be very, very interested in such an initiative.

It needs doing, true. But this will, at best, only indirectly support
other goals that need tech that does not yet exist (for instance, life
extension). If you're looking for a place to encourage non-extropians
to invest, this is certainly a good one, but your own dollars may be
better directed to more radical ventures that non-extropians would not

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