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> I never read "Coming of Age in Somoa." I heard that everything in it was
> questionable, since when the Somoan girls were being interviewed, they made
> up a bunch of stuff as a joke (but they didn't let Meade in on the joke).
> I was categorizing more along the lines used by Jared Diamond in...what was
> that book called?..._Guns, Germs, and Steel_ or something like that...with
> tribal cultures defined as those in which leaders are chosen for specific
> purposes and continue to lead only so long as the people agree to have them
> lead; in such cases the leaders are unlikely to enjoy special material
> advantages. The definition refers to political powers and says nothing
> the level of violence practiced by individual people in the course of day
> day life, although in kinship based tribes violence is more likely to be
> turned against non-members than members. This is in contrast to, say, a
> chiefdom or a kingdom, where the leader continues to lead even when a
> substantial number of members of the group are against his or her
> leadership; in chiefdoms, the leader enjoys material advantages such as
> fancier clothing, nicer housing, special foods.

I haven't read Diamond's book -- it's gotten strong pro and con reviews from
people I respect, which means I ought to read it, I suppose. Put another
round in the clip!

On the face of your desciption of his definition of "tribal" leadership, I
have some fairly deep doubts about it's empirical validity. More comment
from me will have to await my reading of his book.

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