Re: Brian, Life of

From: John Clark (
Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 10:24:22 MDT

Carl Bonzer <> Wrote:

>First, about Brian [Delaney]. He's smart, *very* smart. ultra-whiz-kid type smart.

I'm not impressed with being told how smart he is, I want him to show us how smart he is.
Actually I would be very surprised indeed if Mr. Delaney turned out to be as smart as me,
but I'm always willing to be proven wrong, I'd love to see him dazzle me with his brilliance.

I don't think that's likely to happen, I think he's dumb as a post, or insane, or both.
I can give two reason in support of my theory of Mr. Delaney's mental capacity:

1) He expressed great surprise that calling somebody a racist would make them angry.
    Racism has caused more misery in the world than just about anything else, it follows
    that intelligent people are insulted when they're accused of endorsing it. It only takes is a
    room temperature IQ to figure that out but it seems to have confuse Mr. Delaney.

2) The reasons he gave to demonstrate our racism were subtle, very subtle, insanely subtle.
     Look at what we say, don't look for Anti Semitic messages encoded in the way we blink our
     eyes, because If there is one characteristic that all Extropians have it is that we are not
     ashamed of our views; if we thought there was something wrong with the Jews we would
     say so loud and clear. We don't so we haven't. It's true that several years ago somebody
     said that The Holocaust never happened, but he was blasted into oblivion by many members
     of this list, myself included.

                        John K Clark

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