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Date: Sun Jun 25 2000 - 10:59:29 MDT

Yeah, one of the smartest people I know, whose opinion I generally respect,
didn't like the book.

  I liked it overall, although I didn't agree with all the author's
conclusions. What I like about Diamond is that he's actually hung out with
members of existing tribes, lived among the people as a friend rather than
staying aloof and studying them. True, this might result in some loss of
objectivity, but I think it gives a person a much better opportunity to
begin to understand tribal life. (Diamond does make the statement, by the
way, that murder is a far more common cause of death among tribal people
than among civilized people)

One problem with making a generalized statement about tribes is that, you
know, there are tribes, and then there are tribes. It's like trying to
generalize about "all men" and "all women."


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> I haven't read Diamond's book -- it's gotten strong pro and con
> reviews from
> people I respect, which means I ought to read it, I suppose. Put another
> round in the clip!
> On the face of your desciption of his definition of "tribal"
> leadership, I
> have some fairly deep doubts about it's empirical validity. More comment
> from me will have to await my reading of his book.

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