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Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 21:16:33 MDT

Carl Bonzer wrote:
> Second, *to* Brian.
> Nevertheless, you've walked into a close-knit community (which does seem a
> little cultoid, but that might not be bad). There's no way they won't be
> heavily slanted against you. That's why asses like 'altamira' and Doug Jones
> feel like they can chime in without have read the relevant posts-

Bonzer, I don't know you from Adam. I commented on the posts that I
saw, which were deliberately inflammatory and confrontational. Now here
you come, calling me an ass for objecting to Delaney's unpleasant
behavior. Why should I change my opinion of Delaney, or form a positive
one of you?

None of the excuses you give for Delaney are adequate- being "*very*
smart" raises the bar, it doesn't forgive boorishness. His belligerence
reminds me of Speaker to Minerals- clever, but pointless and abusive.

You quoted altamira selectively-

> >I didn't see the original posts on the Transhuman List which led up to
> >the discussion on this list, which deteriorated to personal name-calling,
> >so I can't make any useful comments about the relative merit of the ideas
> >being discussed.
>But I CAN say that .....
> When I read that I nearly fell off my chair. What gall! Comments like this
> are pretty solid evidence that there's at least something cult-like about
> this group. They are not interested in finding out what's correct they're
> interested in placing dissenters in a gulag.

Her observation was on Delaney's style, not the content, to wit:

"But I CAN say that it appears to be Brian D. who took it out of the
realm of ideas into the personal."

>From that observation you exclaim at her gall, call us cult-like, and
compare us to the perpetrators of the gulags. I feel that dissent is
fine, disagreement is fine- but deliberate calculated rudeness,
namecalling, and use of manipulative rhetoric will get you little gain.
On an email list as in real life, if you enter a community where you are
not known and cast aspersions on the locals, your credibility will be

Doug Jones
Rocket Plumber, XCOR Aerospace

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