Re: Survey of American Attitudes Toward and Knowledge of Science

From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 21:06:49 MDT

"Everitt Mickey" <> wrote:
>Mike Lorrey is said to have said:
>"...........................whereupon I stood up
>and told them they were wrong and proceeded to explain what really
>caused the seasons. I got told to shut up and I was sent to the
>principals office... and people wonder why I don't have much respect for
>teachers in america..."
>You too?
>I got sent home from school.......fifth grade i think......cause I
>stubbornly insisted that Pluto WASN'T the 9th planet....THEN (about
>1956....pluto has a very eccentric was the 8th planet from the
>sun at that time....probably still is come to think of it)....
>Ditto the loss of credibility for teachers...
>Wendover Nevada..

This must be a trend. I could not convince some teachers that the
moon kept the same face toward the earth, but did not keep the same
face toward the sun. They claimed that it never rotated, kept the
same face toward the earth and the sun, and that the light side was
always light and the dark side was always dark.

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