Re: SOC: MSNBC on "Special Terrorists"

Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 18:50:52 MDT

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> > The activists say theyre willing to destroy property because they feel
> > genetically modified organisms can potentially harm humans. A spokesman
> > for one major group, the Earth Liberation Front, acknowledges it espouses
> > "economic sabotage" but insists that does not include violence against
> > people.
> Hmmm..., I wonder what their position is going to be on whether
> modified" humans "harm" humans, and where that leaves them regarding "not
> including violence against people"...
> Looks like a catch-22 from where I sit.

Robert, you're applying a level of rationality to the mentality behind this
kind of action that just doesn't work. The animating force behind what is
coming to be a recognized new type of terrorism is REACTION: These folks are
reacting against technological progress based on a visceral fear and general
distaste for the people who are developing the new technologies. It's what
Ralph Nader, Pat Buchanan and Jeremy Rifkin all have in common -- and there
sure isn't any consistency among that bunch.

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