Re: What is the best place in the world to live?

From: Gina Miller (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 21:54:19 MDT

The best place to live? (I'm including travel here) I think it's a matter of
prerogative. Although some may long for the tropical sun to warm their
skins, not an unusual request for the average journey of intrigue,
especially permanent ones, others may be looking for something else. I of
course (until my recent move to Seattle) was a L.A. born Ca. girl. I have
had no extensive traveling outside of the U.S. (although much within) I have
been just barely outside the border of both sides, Vancouver, Canada, and
just barely into Mexico.
Considering this, you can assume there are a zillion places I would like to
experience. For example, I'd like to shop for Robots in Hong Kong, be the
one with the foreign accent in Britain (eat chips, and wear dark clothes
while walking on rainy pebble beaches), India: sitar's, mystical and ornate,
Greece: home of Athens, from which sprang subsets of study. (Pythagoras,
Plato, Socrates etc, etc.-btw could you imagine living in that time of
thought!) Of course unrealistically speaking, I would like to have my own
island (I used to plan for it when I was a kid, myself and my friend
Kelly-don't ask what the males of our island. were there for! Whispering
innocently~ just kidding, sort of) Well, if I'm going to go that for, I
could just push the envelope and confess that since that time I have
upgraded to desire for my own planet, aw, some day.
Anyway, my point, I know, whew~ is, the place I would most like to go to,
(although I don't know about live, because I don't have a lot to compare it
with) is Iceland. I want to roam it's sprawling rocky terrain in big boots
and a puffy white coat. The ice crunching beneath my feet as live volcanic
steam rises to envelope my walk. I love the contradiction. I want to drive a
big white jeep around, and embark to the top of some insanely, wind blown
cliff. In my line of vision, hair, lava, and white snow. (okay I've said
white three times now, I know it's not all white, as a matter of fact, it
has some nice green jazz going on as well) Of course I am also up for living
upstairs of my nanolab, or I'd even compromise for around the corner, or
down the street. (I'll let ya know) Or how about travel in and out other
peoples bodies, and where they live, like an exchange program. (anyone want
to trade for a day?) How about outerspace, or in illogical places, like
minds. (of course not to move in, just visit) VR for vacation as well?
Where I really want to live, is far into the future, forever, where
technology is my friend, and holds my hand (among other things) gracefully.
A place where so many of today's plights have dissipated, where today's
knowledge has exploded into life.

Gina "Nanogirl" Miller
Nanotechnology Industries
"Nanotechnology: Solutions for the future."

Someone said:
> > As far as I have experienced, the weahter in Australia is quite good,
> > with the aid of a solar array you could even have electricity and thus
> > water.

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