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Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 16:59:05 MDT

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> It seems that your criteria are mainly about avoiding death well
> rather than living well. While the above are certainly a big plus for
> any location, it would hardly be the central issues if I wanted to
> move anywhere. My list of criteria would instead center around the
> density of interesting people, information sources and events in the
> vicinity. "Best" is after all a highly subjective thing.

YES! It seems that so many people want to jump from past to future without
savoring the present.

 I love where I live, because it's remote enough to be private (I'm 3 miles
from the farm to market road over 4-wheel drive type terrain); the
prevailing winds bring clean air either off the Gulf of Mexico, the
Chihuahuan desert, or the plains; we're within easy driving distance of
Austin with its university, concerts, restaurants, museums, etc; close to
San Antonio which still retains so many of the cultural influences of Spain,
Mexico, and Germany; get Austin metro telephone service; we're at the top of
the watershed, so we don't get anyone else's trash running downhill; the
land is such that we have a fascinating variety of naturally occurring
hybrid plants; the history and pre history of the area are very interesting;
the people living around me are mostly of an independent frame of mind and
don't believe in meddling with other people's business; my immediate
neighbors are all exceptionally nice people; the climate allows me to grow
probably 90% of temperate climate plants and, with some protection, many
subtropical plants and with my attached greenhouse, tropicals such as citrus
with very little heat other than solar; and we're only around 90 miles from
the Mexican border (to some people this would seem a disadvantage, but I
consider it a plus).

I took some photos of my place and put them up on my web site, if anyone
would like to see my version of paradise. One of the photo's is captioned
"View from north side of Altamira." Altamira is the name of my place. I
named it after that cave in Spain with the prehistoric bison paintings.


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