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Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 06:32:17 MDT

Well it is an interesting quandry- if you are convinced that in the near
future (less than 50 years) there will be technology available to make
you near-immortal (with a copy of yourself on tape just in case :-) then
why take any risks at all during the current era? Is it the most rational
course of action to find the safest lifestyle and live accordingly?

altamira wrote:
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> > It seems that your criteria are mainly about avoiding death well
> > rather than living well. While the above are certainly a big plus for
> > any location, it would hardly be the central issues if I wanted to
> > move anywhere. My list of criteria would instead center around the
> > density of interesting people, information sources and events in the
> > vicinity. "Best" is after all a highly subjective thing.
> YES! It seems that so many people want to jump from past to future without
> savoring the present.
> I love where I live, because it's remote enough to be private (I'm 3 miles
> from the farm to market road over 4-wheel drive type terrain); the
> prevailing winds bring clean air either off the Gulf of Mexico, the
> Chihuahuan desert, or the plains; we're within easy driving distance of
> Austin with its university, concerts, restaurants, museums, etc; close to
> San Antonio which still retains so many of the cultural influences of Spain,
> Mexico, and Germany; get Austin metro telephone service; we're at the top of
> the watershed, so we don't get anyone else's trash running downhill; the
> land is such that we have a fascinating variety of naturally occurring
> hybrid plants; the history and pre history of the area are very interesting;
> the people living around me are mostly of an independent frame of mind and
> don't believe in meddling with other people's business; my immediate
> neighbors are all exceptionally nice people; the climate allows me to grow
> probably 90% of temperate climate plants and, with some protection, many
> subtropical plants and with my attached greenhouse, tropicals such as citrus
> with very little heat other than solar; and we're only around 90 miles from
> the Mexican border (to some people this would seem a disadvantage, but I
> consider it a plus).
> I took some photos of my place and put them up on my web site, if anyone
> would like to see my version of paradise. One of the photo's is captioned
> "View from north side of Altamira." Altamira is the name of my place. I
> named it after that cave in Spain with the prehistoric bison paintings.
> Bonnie

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