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Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 16:23:09 MDT

"\[ Robert-Coyote \]" <> writes:

> Do we need to qualify our choice of with a number of variables ?
> how's this for a start...
> close enough to a trauma center
> close enough to a cryonics facility
> a legal venue providing for obtainable life extending services and
> substances
> low ambient radiation (radon, ultraviolet, etc.)
> practical commuting distance to sustain an adequate income (if that is
> necessary for how one creates wealth)
> Location provides efficient means to access new life extending information
> (i.e. internet)
> anything else ?

It seems that your criteria are mainly about avoiding death well
rather than living well. While the above are certainly a big plus for
any location, it would hardly be the central issues if I wanted to
move anywhere. My list of criteria would instead center around the
density of interesting people, information sources and events in the
vicinity. "Best" is after all a highly subjective thing.

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