AW: GUNS: AW: crime in big cities and Europe

From: Karsten Baender (
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 11:41:25 MDT

> >have a hot discussion on this at University. In Germany, the
> >Anti-Gun faction is very strong and believes in the theory that no
> >guns results in no gun-related crimes. I tried pointing out
> >different but it seems that this is quite a "belief" rather than
> >something rational. As a matter of fact, I am neither pro-gun nor
> >anti-gun, because I do not have enough information to decide on
> >this. One of the key arguments that struck me was the fact, that
> >it is usually non-libertarian countries who forbid guns. The
> >Communists and the Nazi are but two excellent examples of
> >political systems who had a great interest in disarming their
> >people.
> In this country we call them democrats.

Oh, well, in Germany, this is public oppinion. For a long time I was against
guns, too, but then I slowly began to doubt if this was the right choice. I
don't know of a politician openly advocating liberal gun laws.

> May I suggest for more info.
Thanks, that's just what I needed. I wonder if it would be possible to
organize such a lobby in Germany.

> We don't have a problem with the truth, the other side does.
It seems so. But do you know how you can tell that a politician is lying? He
opens his mouth ...

At least that's the case here in Germany.


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