Re: AW: AW: crime in big cities and Europe

From: Dana Hedberg (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 14:04:06 MDT

> According to my math, this is:
> 381 / 82.087.361 = 4,6414E-06 = 0,00046%
> 12.448 / 272.639.608 = 4,56573E-05 = 0,00457%
> This is roughly ten times the number of murders per population. I apologize
> for not including this figure. But it should be obvious that there is a huge
> difference between the kills/population ratio here and in the US. The
> logical question now would be why we have this difference.
> The number of murders in the US is from 1998 because the FBI did not publish
> the final report for 1999 on the Internet up to now.
> Karsten

I would be curious to see these numbers as a function of population
density and perhaps controlling for SES. My hypothesis would be that
areas with a high population density have the highest murder rate. A
corollary to that would be, highly dense areas with low SES (but
probably not starvation level) have the highest rate of murder with a
gun being the weapon of choice most likely irrespective of that areas
gun laws.

I'm sure there has been some studies done looking at these factors.
Mike, you have anything handy?


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