Re: News Analysis

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 12:14:06 MDT wrote:
> I haven't directly observed this on the tv news (I hate tv news, it's largely
> junk), but I have seen it in the local papers. It's marked either "news
> analysis" or just "analysis", but I doubt most people pay attention to that
> (sort of like the ads made up to look like news articles, hoping you won't
> notice the "advertisement" markings at the top).
> >From: Harvey Newstrom <>
> >>Michael Lorrey wrote:
> >>It happens all the time on national TV and in the press. They get away
> >>with it because its not called 'news' its called 'news analysis', which
> >>is a muddy way of editorializing the news without admitting that its
> >>just opinion.
> > Can you point to a specific organization that claims they deliver "news
> analysis"
> >instead of "news"?

Pretty much any tv news you see is 'analysis' because the actual content is so
minimal. producers and editors must filter and condense what actually happened
through their own perceptive filters into a form they think is understandable,
or palatable, by the general public, and is likely to boost ratings. How many
times have criminal suspects been caught, tried, and convicted in the news long
before they were even arraigned? That is analysis, where the 'truth' has been
filtered and squeezed, and analysed, and conclusions drawn by the media
kingpins, and the public is told what to think and feel about an issue or

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