News Analysis

Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 10:45:09 MDT

I haven't directly observed this on the tv news (I hate tv news, it's largely
junk), but I have seen it in the local papers. It's marked either "news
analysis" or just "analysis", but I doubt most people pay attention to that
(sort of like the ads made up to look like news articles, hoping you won't
notice the "advertisement" markings at the top).

>From: Harvey Newstrom <>

>>Michael Lorrey wrote:

>>It happens all the time on national TV and in the press. They get away
>>with it because its not called 'news' its called 'news analysis', which
>>is a muddy way of editorializing the news without admitting that its
>>just opinion.

> Can you point to a specific organization that claims they deliver "news
>instead of "news"?

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