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Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 18:29:46 MDT

Everitt Mickey wrote:
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> Michael S. Lorrey says:
> "Sure, but how much did you pay for the different trucks? Are your
> maintenance savings more than your increased finance payments, interest,
> etc.? Do you need more insurance, or higher premiums?"
> yup...
> Hmmmm...rough figures....
> The first truck cost was about 250 or so a month...maint was
> 1k monthly......payments were 1200....a month...
> The second truck....less the trade in was was up to about
> 350 or so....maint was 1k or so....payments were 1500...
> This truck....less trade was about is 450 or so...maint is
> zero (well....200 every 15 thousand miles for an oil change and
> lube)....payments are about 2k..
> HOWSOMEVER.....not only was maint in the first two trux about 1K a
> month....the down time (lost income) while they were being fixed....was
> now (approximately)

how much does your new truck depreciate compared to your old ones?

On autos, at least, depreciation on new vehicles is so much that you
might as well just throw some ball bearings down the air intake as soon
as you buy it. (ouch, I know the thought of that hurts!) With my jeep,
the first year and a half I had it, I felt like I was in the mafia,
because I was so deep into it with all the repairs. Now, though, I've
not had any major repairs since a new alternator in May of 1999, and I
still get 19.5 mpg with a 4.0 liter engine, which is considered quite
good for such vehicles. I think I'll try to drive it through this coming
winter, then see what I can buy in the spring thats a few years old, and
go over it with a fine toothed comb (and a second mechanical
opinion...). I figure the new Navigators will be well depreciated by
this time...I want something rather larger than a cherokee. I like to
carry lots of tools and other equipment around with me.

Seriously, the majority of my family drives cherokees, and this is the
first that has had problems like this. I was rather hurt when things
started going wrong with it...

> Plus...this truck is stronger, safer and more comfortable....(with more
> gimmicks)....
> Had I shop facilities the situation would be different....Unfortunately all
> maint is done "on the fly" dealerships or $70
> +(sometimes way plus) per shop hour that gets pricey.....
> new truck is MUCH sexier....

Well, that obviously is worth it. How are those trucker groupies these

Mike Lorrey

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