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From: Ross A. Finlayson (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 19:04:09 MDT

Ross A. Finlayson wrote:

> Damien Broderick wrote:
> > ...
> > Last night I watched a chilling BBC program by a journo who infiltrated a
> > bunch of soccer thugs in Britain and furtively filmed their antics and
> > boasts. These were not stupid men, by and large. Some of them had (or once
> > had) reasonably demanding jobs. They just lerrrrved smacking and bashing
> > the shit out of other people. Their blood was up, it boiled with rage and
> > delight, they had flow and peak experience. There's going to be a lot of it
> > going around, even if Banks's Culture emerges.
> >
> > And please don't tell me this won't happen if everyone's packing heat (as
> > they used to say on the mean streets)
> >
> > Damien
> I read this recently, in regards to hooligan British soccer or "football"
> fans: The website
> tracks newspaper articles on certain issues.

The article is one describing how British football hooligans were extraordinarily
docile whilst in Amsterdam, many of them quite happily stoned on cannabis. There
was question as to whether this gentleness would continue to the next game played
where only alcohol was available to open the recreational floodgates: it did
not. The beer-fueled British football hooliganism was on the televised news,
where it is old news, with no mention of the prior peace. An inside joke, as it

Here in America, we are at a point where both major party presidential candidates
have admitted drug use. There are even allegations that Bush (sometimes British
slang for marijuana) failed to complete required physicals during his military
tenure that would have required specific question and tests about drug use, and
is now a teetotaler. Gore simply admits having regularly used recreational
cannabis. Clinton had tip-toed around the marijuana issue, who knows or cares
what he is on today. Many high-ranking intelligence officials are exposed to
various hallucinogens.

Well then, in the sense of this thread's context of "communist nonsense", I will
put forth that drug prohibition is actually "authoritarian statist nonsense".

In the terms of British football hooligans vis-a-vis gun violence, the largest
cause of gun violence in the United States over the past twenty years is the
illegalization and thus black-marketization of drugs, which will always have
buyers and sellers. Thus, if drugs were not illegal for adults, then there would
be much less violence. Sad to say, in a way, the most violent have weeded each
other out already.

Perhaps this is "preaching to the choir", as it were, but the time for the repeal
of government "control" of substances has come and gone long ago.


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