TNTY2000 "The Next Twenty Years" conference

From: Ziana Astralos (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 18:01:56 MDT

It says it's "by invitation only", unfortunately, but
it sure would be great if ExI or the Foresight
Institute could get some people at this thing :)

Here's some of the background info from the site:


Building on the SRO international response to the 1999 series, TNTY 2000 will again invite noted futurists and technology visionaries to join with key new media executives to debate and imagine the look of technology in the next 20 years. Produced by Bob Ayres in association with ZDNet, the TNTY 2000 series will travel to Los Angeles, New York, London, and San Francisco.

The TNTY series is by invitation only, reaching thousands of hand-picked industry leaders as our audience. More than 1000 industry executives will attend each evening.

TNTY - TECHNOLOGY Our Technology shows will take place in SF, NY, LA, and London (with the LA show adding a focus on Entertainment Technology). We will explore, predict and showcase what new developments are likely coming, and where the industry is headed. Our series on technology, now in its fourth season, will once again imagine and debate what breakthroughs and what obstacles lie ahead 20 years from now. Each show will also feature a pre-and post-show cocktail reception and technology showcase.

TNTY - MEDICINE In San Francisco, TNTY will premiere TNTY-MEDICINE, an annual gathering on the future of medicine, bio-tech, medical technology, mind-body research and healthcare. A rapidly growing crowd of new companies is using the power of the Internet to revolutionize the use of information technology by the healthcare industry, bringing new modes of communication among patients, healthcare providers, researchers and insurers. We will take a look at how the intersection of computers, research, the web, communication and medicine will change the face of the healthcare industry.


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