You may not believe in God but She still believes in you, most of the time

From: Corbally (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 16:56:04 MDT

>does not exist. Atheism, on the other hand, has the equally silly claim that
>since none of them is the One True Religion, then none of them are True. All
>of them are True in the sense that they can allow one to relate to Divinity.


I can see from the above quote that you honestly know nothing about
Atheism, so here's the correct definition;

Atheist - One who is without God belief.

We don't make silly claims, we don't make any claims, we simply do not
maintain a belief in a diety. People who believe in a religion make god
claims. The concept of Divinity is meaningless to an Atheist, as s/he has
no belief in any god from which, or on behalf of who, such Divinity claims
spring. Some Atheists may indeed claim that god doesn't exist (called
strong Atheism), but by definition, without knowing any further details,
the definition above is the correct one.

I'm sure many other Atheists on the list would also not like to be "straw
manned" as the above quote attempts to do.

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