You may not believe in God but She still believes in you, most of the time

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>Subject: Re: You may not believe in God but She still believes in you,
most of the time
>My apologies if I offended you or any other who describe themselves as
>atheists. My error, I think, is due to cross definitions. It has always been
>my understanding that atheism was the claim that "God does not exist" while
>agnosticism was "we make no claim about Godhood". I again apologize for my
>misunderstanding. However, this not being the case, what then is an agnostic?
>Ronin Cuervo
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Apology graciously given, and graciously accepted. My apologies in return
if I seemed abrupt, I was merely "attacking" your statement, not yourself.

Your misunderstanding is quite understandible, as for most people their
definintion of Atheism has a Theistic source, and can be subject to
"distortion" as you can imagine. It sounds as though your definition for
Agnosticism given above is a possible definition for Atheism (the default
variety of it) A far better definition of Agnosticism than I can muster
has been posted here, so I'll leave it at that.

Another definition often applied wrongly to Atheism is that they "deny the
existence of God", which of course is a presumption of God to begin with,
topped off with an accusation of Atheists as being in a kind of God denial.

My own reasons for my Atheism in order of importance (if anyone's even
interested!:) are twofold;
1) Lack of evidence for Theism, and mountain of evidence for alternative
(Science-derived) theories.
2) Horror upon seeing justifications for and acceptance of, many crimes in
various parts of the bible, and consequent use of these even in todays world.

I guess most Atheists would state these two reasons (more or less) for
their stance.

My 2.08 Euros worth:)



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