Re: FWD (EXT) Marxism -- fatal cure for an imaginary disease

From: J. Goard (
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 17:28:56 MDT

At 03:17 PM 6/19/00 -0700, Terry W. Colvin wrote:

>Communism is a democratic socialism, where the state
>becomes non-existent "withering away". Did the USSR or any other
>pseudo-socialist country demonstrated any such?
>No. Therefore they were not communist, not even socialist.

Charles Manson's ideas included eventually establishing a heaven on earth.
Manson's ideas were never truly applied. Therefore, any empirical
criticism of Mansonism on the ground that it leads to horrible consequences
is invalid. As most, it would apply to the pseudo-Mansonism actually
manifested by Manson and his followers, which was clearly not Mansonist, as
we can verify by noting that they did not in fact achieve a heaven on earth.

J. Goard
The Beyond outside us is indeed swept away, and the
great undertaking of the Enlightenment complete;
but the Beyond *inside* us has become a new heaven
and calls us to renewed heaven-storming.
                                      --Max Stirner

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