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Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 10:01:59 MDT

>Subject: Re: techno-animisn (was) Japanese Dynamism
>Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 21:45:07 EDT
>That was fun to read, Waldemer Ingdahl.......
>I like their = ) techno-animisn!


But it is equally important to point out that sprituality doesn't have have
a thing to do with religion. All to often, religions get a walk- over
victory when it comes to sprititual things. I see sprituality as something
that gratifies you emotionally, and that could be consumerism for instance.

>Spirit of the telephone
>Spirit of the surge protector
>Spirit of the Photoshop and Flame
>Spirit of the scanner
>Spirit of the filter
>I invoke you
>Let us Announce the Beingness of the gadget!
>Adulate the MUD dweller!
>Praise the vitality of the artificial ear!
>Pay sttention to the spector of feedback and hum!
>Listen to the soul of the electric amp!
>Spirit of techno I evoke you

Hmm, techno- shamism was once all the rage, but it hasn't evolved at all. I
think that techno- shamanism makes a huge mistake in not involving reason in
spirituality. The computer isn't spirited, but it could be used in a
spiritual way by its user.

Once again, I didn't post the article on the Japanese spiritual approach to
technology to say: this is the best way!

Rather to show some alternative views that perhaps could be built upon.

And let's not forget:

Science is the yoga of the West :-)

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