FW: Bristol Spaceplanes to speak at transvision 2000

From: Bostrom,N (pg) (N.Bostrom@lse.ac.uk)
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 10:20:00 MDT

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(As you know, TransVision 2000 (or 2k, or MM) is the third annual European
transhumanist conference -- i.e. it's held in Europe but aimed at people
from anywhere. This year it will be held in London, July 15-16, and it is
hosted by the World Transhumanist Association (WTA) and the Alcor UK group.
The conference site is at http://www.transhumanism.com/tv2k/ where
registration details etc. can be found.)

Nick Bostrom

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Bristol Spaceplanes to speak at transvision 2000

As transumanists we all know that one day the (trans-)human race will
migrate to off-world habitats, but just when will that day come? NASA seem
to be our only hope right now, and lets be honest, they're not a very good
hope. David Ashford is convinced that the future is in private industry, and
that he can radically reduce the cost of space launches leading to a whole
new era of space travel.
David Ashford is a director of Bristol Spaceplanes and has agreed to speak
at the Transvision 2000 conference in July. Bristol Spaceplanes is a
private corporation developing commercially viable spaceflight. It was the
first extra-US company to registered for the X prize. David Ashford studied
aeronautical engineering and rocketry at Imperial, London and Princeton. He
worked on assorted aircraft, including Concorde and several naval missile
systems. Notably, in the sixties, he was a member of the Hawker Siddeley
spaceplane team. (Yes, the UK actually had a serious spaceplane project back
then - mind you, she was also capable of winning the world cup then, too.)

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