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Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 12:11:45 MDT

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Subject: Re: techno-animisn (was) Japanese Dynamism

>Subject: Re: techno-animisn (was) Japanese Dynamism
>Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 21:45:07 EDT
>But it is equally important to point out that sprituality doesn't have have
>a thing to do with religion. All to often, religions get a walk- over
>victory when it comes to sprititual things. I see sprituality as something
>that gratifies you emotionally, and that could be consumerism for instance.

I thought that spiritualism was the ability to be self-disciplined allowing
you NOT to have to rely on material thrills. Surely it is normally seen as
"opium" or compensation for the dispossesed who cannot buy themselves
instant gratification?

>Spirit of the telephone
>Spirit of the surge protector
>Spirit of the Photoshop and Flame
>Spirit of the scanner
>Spirit of the filter
>I invoke you
>Hmm, techno- shamism was once all the rage, but it hasn't evolved at all. I
>think that techno- shamanism makes a huge mistake in not involving reason
>spirituality. The computer isn't spirited, but it could be used in a
>spiritual way by its user.

Yes, I think there is some mileage in comparing virtual reality computer
(game) worlds with magickal and spiritual questings and vision. Hypnotic
and psychological addiction applies to both technology and shamanism. Why
techno-paganism doesn't seem pan out is that the essential link with
*nature* is broken .... so unless you take your notebook to a remote glade
or desert wilderness then light a bonfire to feel more in touvch with the
elements ... I find it hard to take techno-shamanists seriously!

>Science is the yoga of the West :-)

Certainly they both have longevity, better mental functioning/ wisdom and
good health as core aims.


So mote it be
So mote it be
So mote it be


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