Re: FWD (TLCB) Re: NMD [Addendum]

From: John Calvin (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 12:09:15 MDT

>I suppose most people are not aware of the sophistication of the newer
>systems. The newer systems do function passivly, but while they
>primarily work off of source transmissions, there are also some
>'undocumented features': they also 'image' the 3D space of the ocean off
>of ambient diffuse sound, much as whales do. So they can spot any object
>of a given minimum sonic cross section. A metallic bouy actually
>reflects quite well compared to soft animal flesh, which is the normal
>aquatic mammal target. Many whales echolocation capability is sensitive
>enough to sonically image an entire ocean off of one or two calls, and
>the newest mikes were privately developed specifically for studying
>whales, but the tech was seized by the Navy at the patent orifice. So
>unless you grow your bouy out of a meat vat, your bouy is gonna stick
>out like an 18 wheeler on a Nevada highway patrolmans radar scope...

Having been a number of years since my time in the Navy, I am certain that there have many improvements Sonar Technology. Thanks for the Info Mike.

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